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Transport for NSW

Driving usability through customer centric design

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is one of the largest and most complex government organisations in Australia. They are responsible for strategy, planning, policy, regulation and funding allocation across all modes of transport in NSW. If it moves in NSW, they are involved in one way or another giving them an enormous responsibility and a vast array of stakeholders. In recent years, the organisation has made a commitment to becoming a customer focused organisation. This shift in ethos has transformed the organisation and created the need to redevelop their corporate site. Their previous site had been built to reflect their internal organisational structure, was not mobile optimised and had devolved over years of organic content edits and additions. In short, the site was confusing, off brand and not optimised for more than 50% of their customers who visited the site on a mobile device. It needed more than a redesign, it needed a rethink.

The first step in the rethink of the site was establishing clear requirements for each of TfNSW diverse customer types. Once this was established we outlined the most intuitive paths customers would take to get to the information they were seeking. This enabled us to build the sites UX around the customers’ needs. With the breadth and depth of content required for the site and range of customer needs this was one of the largest challenges we overcame in the project.

Our design team created a clean, engaging and authoritative user interface reflective of TfNSW new brand positioning. The designs create a clear hierarchy of information making it both visually appealing and intuitive to navigate. The UX, design and development teams worked diligently to establish a priority for information to be featured at each of the mobile responsive breakpoints ensuring a tailored experience for each device. On mobile, the information is streamlined to highlight key areas, stats and facts. For tablet and desktop screens we provide an enhanced experience.

The team was able to design an engaging visual experience and achieve WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility compliance. The site was built on the Drupal platform which is one of two TfNSW approved CMSs. Our PHP development team were able to apply their extensive WordPress skillset to the project and deliver a best in class framework that passed penetration and WCAG AA validation testing on initial pass.