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RMS Walking and Cycling Programs

Removing road blocks for walking and cycling paths

Each year the Road & Maritime Service (RMS) go through a process of requesting, accepting, reviewing and approving or rejecting NSW council applications for funding for walking and cycling paths. The application process each council must go through is very detailed and requires several key documents and supporting information. Historically this information had been submitted via printed materials or via email. The RMS team responsible for reviewing the submissions wanted to streamline the process and improve the quality of the information they received. They also wanted to reduce the effort required to aggregate the information and complete the review process.

We were asked to work with the RMS on the development of a tool for online submissions that included the ability for councils to outline the location of the proposed route via an integrated map. Our UX team reviewed historical submissions and the brief from the RMS to develop wireframes for each of the screens required for a submission. They then distilled that information into an intuitive interface that was internally reviewed and tested. Upon client sign of we progressed to developing the tool.

The development teams extensive mapping experience allowed us to quickly build a prototype. Using a combination of HMTL, CSS, JavaScript the Google Maps API and geospatial information provided from the RMS. Upon approval of the prototype the team developed the final system and integrated it with the FormStack platform. This allows for easy updates to the forms, the ability to view analytics through a dashboard and enables the RMS to easily extract submissions in a usable format.

The RMS have significantly reduced the time required to review submission and have been able to improve the quality of information submitted. We continue to work with the RMS to extend the functionality of the tool.