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ALDI Testers Club

A world first for ALDI

ALDI wanted a way to gain insights into what shoppers love about their products and what could be improved.

Our team worked with ALDI to create the worlds first ALDI Testers Club. The ALDI Testers Club is a web based product testing platform for collecting shoppers ratings and reviews. Through the platform ALDI shoppers can have an influence on the products being sold in store. Each member is sent a product pack to use and rate. Members rate each product with a 1 to 5 star rating and provide comments on what they did or didn't like.

The platform allows the ALDI team to manage the process of product pack creation, distribution, rating reminders and results reporting.

ALDI are now able to directly leverage the insights from their shoppers to tailor the grocery stores offering in the Australian market.

The ALDI Tester Club launched with over 17,000 applications for the 100 spots available.

Testers have rated 93% of all of the products received.

The ALDI Testers Club was featured on A Current Affair and praised as an innovation, positioning ALDI as leaders in the market.