For the second year running, ALDI Testers Club has been inviting customers to join and take part in their rating program. With over 17,000 registrations last year, Helium updated and revamped the site making it easier for users to register and administrators to..well.. administer. It paid off! Since the 1st of February 2017, the site has recorded over 54,000 new registrations so far.

The 100 lucky Testers are chosen at random and will receive four product packs for free over a period of 12 months to rate. Did we mention the packs were free? Sign-up by providing your details and a quick paragraph of 25 words or less about why you would like to join. Even if you’ve never shopped at ALDI, this could be your chance to try it out. Have a look at what it’s all about on A Current Affair.
This year’s application will close on the 27th of February, so hurry if you haven’t already signed-up, and take a chance to be part of the lucky Testers! To apply, simply visit ALDI Testers Club.