Watching YouTube videos about VR is like telling someone about how good your meal was or how amazing a hike you once did was.  No matter how well you tell your story or describe something it’s never as good as experiencing it.  With that in mind we took the team on an afternoon mission to visit our friends at the VR Arcade.

The arcade is in a very unassuming building in Haymarket but don’t let that put you off.  Once you’re inside the studio and get the briefing for the experience you’re going to be impressed.  From the second you put the headset of the HTC Vive on until the way too soon tap on the shoulder that your time is up, it is pure wonderment.  Each one of us had different interactions and chose different experiences all with the same results…excitement, curiosity and smiles that would not go away.  It really was stepping into another world and being immersed in the new creative space.  We painted with light, fought off attackers trying to overtake our castle, stood atop a mountain playing fetch with a digital dog and sat amongst a symphony orchestra conducting them!

The most impressive part of the experience was the total immersion of it and the immediate reaction of the virtual space.  There was no lag, no glitches and it felt pretty much like what we always imagined the holodeck would be like.  There are some amazing opportunities for brands to explore and provide new experiences for their customers.  We were so excited by it, some of us are going back next week!

Helium in the VR space