As a business, we’re the trusted partner you knew you always needed but didn’t know existed. As a team, we’re the group that makes introducing and updating technology fun. And as people, we’re here to help.

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Fig 01: Family photo
A little more

How we work

  • Person holding laptop and drawing on whiteboard

    We love to collaborate

    Collaboration equals creation. So, you bring your expertise and we’ll bring our experience and together we’ll create excellence throughout the planning, design and development of your solution.

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    We Develop a deeper understanding

    We don’t play on the surface. We dig deep to understand your organisation, your customers and your ultimate goals. When we dive deep, we find the greatest value and this is how we have the greatest impact on your project.

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    We find the right problem to solve

    We’re really good at what we do. And when we start to peel back the layers, we find that the issue was a symptom of the true cause. We get to the core of the problem so we can find a real solution, not just a list of requirements or KPIs.

Fig 02: Working Together
What matters to us

Our values

When you know your values, it’s easy to live by them. At Helium, our values drive us to do good work and good things, by being good people.

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    Elevate each other

    See the best to be the best. And we remind each other — team, clients and partners, what the best looks like.

  • Drawing of fire

    Do great things

    We make the small things matter and we don’t settle for good enough. We’re proud of our work and love sharing the amazing things we create.

  • Drawing of a ribbon award

    Pursue with passion

    We love what we do and do what we love. We chase the dream and invest the time to do it right; there are no shortcuts.

  • Drawing of a lightbulb

    Stay curious

    It might not be cool for cats, but it’s essential for our success. We ask questions. We seek knowledge. We continue to learn.

  • Drawing of an umbrella in sand

    Enjoy life

    Every day. It’s the greatest gift we have.

Fig 03: Helium's core values
Why Helium

What sets us apart

Since 2013 our team of designers, strategists and technologists have been integrating best-practice methodologies for high profile clients. Our role is to help you communicate and connect more effectively with your target audience. How do we do this?

  • Love heart

    We love simplicity

    Streamlined. Clear. Uncluttered. In design, process, delivery.

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    We always deliver

    Failure, like quitting, isn’t an option. We’ll find a solution. Always.

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    We take our work seriously, not ourselves

    We might work to tight deadlines and budgets, but we’re going to have a good time doing it.

  • Drawing of a no bs sign

    Our no B.S. policy

    Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Nobody has time for BS in thought or action.

  • Drawing of a pair of binoculars

    We are voracious researchers

    Whether it’s the latest tech or the inner workings of your business, our enquiring minds need to know.

  • Drawing of a man running fast

    Our size makes us nimble

    No project is set in concrete. We move as we need to.


Helium started in 2007

6 Nationalities:
Australian, Canadian, American, French, Japanese, Lithuanian

Over 100 years of combined experience!

Fig 04: What makes us unique