Creative, intelligent, innovative. We create online marketing that builds genuine customer connections.

At Helium, we have all the skills and resources of a big digital agency, and yes, we've worked with some big brands. But because we're smaller, you get direct access to the people who matter.

We use creativity and innovation to think outside that tired, battered old box to solve your marketing challenges.

The result? Online marketing, that actually, genuinely, totally works.

We're not here to fill up our shelves with awards or earn a fast buck. We're here to create engaging, thoughtful, innovative design and functionality that ticks all of your boxes - and a few more you had probably never thought of.

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What we do

At Helium, we've developed a considered approach to all forms of digital marketing. Our team is drawn from all branches of the interactive and development tree and we follow best practice in everything we do, to ensure the best possible result for our clients. Our skill set includes:


Intelligent industry insights to take advantage of new opportunities and technologies.


Efficient project management to drive your project forward and deliver on time and on budget.


Innovative and user focused design to engage your customers.


Engaging copywriting and content strategies for all media channels.


High quality front and back end development and app creation for any platform.

User Experience

We take a user-centred approach to enhance the experience with your brand.